Which criteria do I have to fulfill to be eligible for the course?
  • Valid working permit for Austria
  • English working proficiency
  • Motivation to work as a Software Developer in the near future
  • Availability to attend a 40h/week course from October 1st 2018 to June 30th 2019.
  • Analytical thinking
I completed the registration but didn’t get a confirmation email. What should I do?
Sometimes it can take up to one hour till you receive the confirmation email. Please also have a look in your spam folder. If you wrote your email address correctly, waited for one hour and still didn’t get an email, please register again.
How is the application process structured?
The application process is divided into three phases. In each phase, different skills needed for the course will be assessed.
I have completed Phase 1, what shall I do next?
You will receive a notification on the 3rd of September to inform you whether you made it through to phase 2 or not
I made it into Phase 2 - what do I have to do now?
You can now log into Moodle and see the tasks in phase 2. Please complete the tasks till the 10th of September. On this day phase 2 will be closed.
I’ve made it into Phase 2 but can’t complete the tasks till the 10th of September. Is it possible to finish the tasks later?
No, it is not possible. The deadline for completing Phase 2 is the 10th of September.
I’ve finished Phase 2, what shall I do next?
Now you have to wait until the 13th of September. You will receive an email informing you whether you have made it through to the Assessment Center phase.
What is this Assessment Center all about?
The Assessment Center is a day during which we will get to know you personally and you will be expected to complete some tasks. The outcomes of your participation in the Assessment Center will allow us to decide whether you will get a place on the course.
When will the Assessment Center take place?
The Assessment Center will take place on the 17th of September. You will get more detailed information about this day if you make it to this phase.
I cannot be present on the 17th of September. Do I still have a chance to make it into the course?
Unfortunately this is not possible. The Assessment Center is a compulsory step to get a place on the course.
Where will the Assessment Center take place?
The Assessment Center will take place in Vienna. If you made it to the Assessment Center phase you will get an email with more detailed information.
Can I change my answers or document uploads after I have submitted them once?
No, this is not possible. Once you have answered the questions and uploaded the required documents you can no longer make changes to your application.
Why didn’t I make it to the next round?
Unfortunately we receive more applications than we have spots available so we have to have a selection process. A negative outcome of your application is not a reflection on your ability or qualifications to pursue a career as a programmer. We encourage you to re-apply to our program next year and/or pursue other opportunities.
When will I know if I made it into the course?
After your participation in the Assessment Center has been evaluated. The final result of your application will be send out on September 24th 2018.
I have no coding skills. Can I apply?
Yes, you can apply without coding skills. You will learn everything from us. No prior coding knowledge is required. Only the requirements stated are necessary. (see first FAQ)
What kind of course is this?
It is a coding and software development course. At the end you will be able to work as a software developer.
What programming languages will I learn?
You will learn the fundamental concepts of programming with Java. Those who will choose the frontend specialization will learn Javascript. If you choose the backend specialization you will deepen your knowledge in Java.
In which language will the course be held?
Our course will be completely held in English because it’s the main language software developers need in their daily life.
When will the course start?
The course will start on the 1st of October 2018.
When will the course end?
The course will end on the 30th of June 2019.
How much do I have to pay?
The course is for free but we collect a one-time fee of 100€ for course materials.
I cannot afford to pay the material fee. Can i still apply?
Yes, you can also pay the material fees in installments. If that’s an option for you, send us a message below.
Where will the course be held?
The course will be held in Vienna. If you apply for the course, you confirm that you will be available to attend this 40h/week course in Vienna from October 2018 till the end of June 2019.
How many hours per week does the course have?
The course is full time – 40h per week.
Can I work geringfügig and participate in the course?
No. The course will take all of your time and you need to be registered with the AMS to take part.
I don´t have a laptop, can I participate in the course?


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