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New Austrian Coding School is a programming school for everyone. We offer a nine-month training program to develop coding and software development skills, free of charge. The program is designed for people living in or around Vienna who are currently unemployed and want to work as developers in the near future.


We empower people. The program’s goal is to lead to job placements, create a perspective of self-determination, and lead to a sustainable integration into the job market.


We use innovative resources. We combine modern learning resources and methods with the practical know-how of a professional programming trainer. Our course is designed with a strong hands-on approach.


We bring people with diverse backgrounds together. Through a cooperative approach we will support you all the way to find a job.

Our course

Learn the fundamentals

In the first phase you will learn the most important and fundamental concepts in programming.

Specialization Track

After learning the fundamentals you will have to choose a specialization track and focus either on frontend or backend.

Project Phase

In the final stage of the course you will work even more in teams and have the opportunity to transfer the skills you learned into real projects.

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