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New Austrian Coding School is a programming school for everyone. We offer a nine-month training program to develop coding and software development skills, free of charge. The program is designed for people living in or around Vienna who are currently unemployed and want to work as developers in the near future.


We empower people. The program’s goal is to lead to job placements, create a perspective of self-determination, and lead to a sustainable integration into the job market.


We use innovative resources. We combine modern learning resources and methods with the practical know-how of a professional programming trainer. Our course is designed with a strong hands-on approach.


We bring people with diverse backgrounds together. Through a cooperative approach we will support you all the way to find a job.

We are helping people learn skills to improve their professional prospects and introducing new ways for companies to hire their potential employees. In 2016, we started out as Refugees{Code}, to help refugees find better job opportunities in the Austrian job market. We offered programming and coding courses. Following an overwhelming success rate of over 90% job placements, we decided to scale our impact. In summer of 2018, we changed our name to New Austrian Coding School and stretched our target group. Now we enable unemployed people to re-enter the job market by teaching them programming and digital skills. Increasing their chances of landing a high paying job. Our aim is to become the leading company in job placements for software engineers. We are working towards sustainable integration through work and time-relevant skills. We are working towards sustainable integration through work and digital skills.

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