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Meet your candidate

Company visits

Our participants will come visit your company where you can give them a brief presentation  about your company. By walking through your corridors, they get an overview and a better understanding of the company culture.

Hackathon at weXelerate

Be a part of our yearly hackathon and join forces with our alumni and current participants to create quality code solving contemporary problems.

Final Project

Get the opportunity to know our participants better, while honing your employees’ management skills. Appoint team leads or employees with high potential as mentors for our participants’ final projects. 


Have an expert from your company come and give a hands on training to our participants on a certain topic. This will not only challenge and grow your people but also kindle interests of our participants in the technologies your company is working on.


Empower your employees by giving them the opportunity to guide budding developers, who could one day be a part of your team.

Job day

Get special access to meet our participants as they finish their course. As a partner, receive their CVs in advance.

Our success is based on young, talented, diverse people with ambitious goals. A partner like Refugees Code shares our vision while supporting businesses with focus on their needs and continuous feedback loops to boost long term cooperation.

– Stefan Lingler, CTO Shpock


Als jemand, der über 1 1/2 Jahre das Glück hatte, mit einem Absolventen des Programms zusammenarbeiten zu dürfen, kann ich nur empfehlen, sich schleunigst um diese Talente zu bemühen. Die intrinsische Motivation und Einsatzbereitschaft, gepaart mit der guten fachlichen Grundlagenausbildung haben sich in unseren Industrie- und Forschungsprojekten mehrfach bewährt.

Benjamin Mörzinger, TU Wien


The program is a very good initiative to bring together unemployed people and companies that are actually looking for employees. The coding school is trying to train selected unemployed people so that they are able to start a career as software developer.

This really worked for Wael: he has been trained at the New Austrian Coding School, then participated in our recruiting program where he succeeded. Our company is now proud to have a motivated, well-trained team member since June 2018.

– Roland Maurer, CTO, Tiani Spirit GmbH


Wir von paysafecard sind begeistert von der Zusammenarbeit mit der New Austrian Coding School. Internationalisierung und Diversität zählen für uns zu den wichtigsten Erfolgsfaktoren um nachhaltiges Wachstum am globalen Markt sicherzustellen. Umso mehr freuen wir uns, durch die ausgesprochen angenehme Kooperation mit der New Austrian Coding School einen Beitrag für die Gesellschaft zu leisten! paysafecard wird so um talentierte ProgrammiererInnen reicher, die mit ihrem internationalen Backround zur Vielfalt unseres Unternehmens beitragen.

– Gerhard Gaugusch, VP of IT Solution Delivery, Paysafecard


Alumni placed



Currently enrolled students

Your benefits 

Improve your company’s employer branding

Position yourself as an attractive employer and become the organization of choice for talented programmers. Companies that continuously attract talent invest in their image. As our partner, get the chance to host and interact with our participants.

Get to know your potential employees

Programmers have different personalities and working preferences. Some choose to work in complete silence while others thrive in chaos. Through our program, get to know potential employees and their personalities. Save yourselves from the pain of hiring the wrong person. Work with our participants in advance to know who will be an ideal fit for your company. 

HR-development for your employees

Invest in your emerging or senior-level team leads by giving them a platform to train and develop upcoming programmers. This will spark a sense of responsibility and they would build experience through influencing others.

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We foster relationships between aspiring programmers and Employers

Our focus is to prepare budding programmers according to the latest industry needs and trends. We believe knowledge-based interactions between participants and companies are necessary to encourage our participants to improve their skills. We also help companies improve their employer brand. By working closely with our participants, companies not only have a say in their development but can already identify who would be the perfect fit for their team.

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