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Our course

Learn the fundamentals

In the first phase you will learn the most important and fundamental concepts in programming.

Specialization Track

After learning the fundamentals you will have to choose a specialization track and focus either on frontend or backend.

Project Phase

In the final stage of the course you will work even more in teams and have the opportunity to transfer the skills you learned into real projects.

What our Alumni say

Nisreen Alam Aldeen

Backend developer, Shpock

During nine months I learned a lot about technology and tech concepts. It was definitely tough and I had my intense moments, but I never saw them as difficulties. Instead I prefer to call them challenges.The vision of this school is to build on your ability and make you a skilled developer. The other focus of this great school is to develop and sharpen your soft skills like communicating, team working, take part of creating and managing real projects. I am sure it will be a great experience to you as it was to me.

Diaa Alkhatib

Backend developer, RIAG Digital

In the early days, I was so hungry to learn anything and everything that I took many multiple challenges on a range of topics. I learned how I could solve problems as a programmer. Learning how to build websites and now small web applications has changed my life. The community inside the course was understanding, empathetic and there have been strong relationships between the students. Furthermore, the sense of trust and understanding I had from other participants really motivated and helped me. I would really like to commend The New Austrian Coding School for everything!

Wael Azar

Software engineer, Tiani Spirit GmbH

Being a participant in the program was a turning point in life. In a short time, they were able to ignite my interest in this fields. In addition to this we were a family supporting each other. Thank you New Austrian Coding School!

Farah Alrubaye

Frontend developer, EBCONT

We learnt a lot during this course, it was very intensive but useful and full of great experiences. The most important skill we got is self-learning, for every programmer it’s the greatest tool. We had to always be open to new technologies and stay up to date, this course was the best chance for me to deep dive into the coding world with a lovely and kind group of people. I wish you all could have the good luck to take a part in such a school!

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